About The Painter

I am a painter, writer, musician and an art collector. I inhale art and exhale literature or music. This set up keeps me sane.

My first book’s been published in 2018 from MedaKitap. Anyone interested in buying and reading it here you go : Idefix.com

My second book which is titled as “Sevgili Dagmara” was published in 2019. This is a novella with a staggering final chapter. I also had the priviledge of having the back cover words written by amazing artists like Mertim Gökalp, Metin Çelik and Enis Malik Duran. This novella contains few of my drawings…

My band’s name is Flying Dirty Clouds and our album titled as “Destruction Hate Sonata” is out and it’s not for fainted hearts. If you are into deathmetal or grindcore you can download the album on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal or Amazon Music.

My musician part feeds my painter side. My painter profile enriches my art collector personality. My connection with all of them fuels my imagination and motivates me to write.

This is my journey.


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